A New Zealand Train Station Gets Carpeted In Green
Thursday February 11th 2010, 10:45 am
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Britomart Station, New Zealand

Lately I’ve seen a lot of imagery about various ways to inject some green into train stations around the world from large pots on the platforms to planted cars that travel along with the train but the Meadow Fresh milk company in New Zealand decided to take it a step further and lay out an entire carpet of green to tranform a station into a meadow with grass and even buttercups.

Britomart Station, New Zealand

On July 12th of 2009, Britomart Station in Aukland was covered with 1,250 square meters of turf grass. The grass had been rolled out and setup throughout the night before, ready and waiting for the first trains to arrive at 7 a.m. I love the idea of these people rolling into the station with no idea that the grass is there, with cameras ready to capture the genuine reactions of the passengers as they step off into the grass, taking off their shoes and being handed little cartons of milk with straws. The station looks like it’s been transformed into a park complete with kids playing around with soccer balls. For one day this station wasn’t just a sea of concrete where people passed through on the way to or from somewhere, but they actually stopped to enjoy the moment.

Britomart Station, New Zealand

Britomart Station, New Zealand
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After a full day of covering the concrete floors of the train station, the sod was then rolled up and transported to a local school where it would carpet the areas between new classrooms being built.

And of course, I had to track down the actual commercial that was shot. The music is perfect, captures that child-like spirit that seems to be brought out in people as they see the surprise awaiting them at the platform. This just continues to show that a little bit of green can do wonders for people.

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Aligning those pearly whites
Monday January 04th 2010, 10:24 pm
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sidewalk ad

These signs depicting a before shots of nearby crosswalks were placed at key locations throughout Crawfordsville, Indiana for Altschul Orthodontics. The clever signage uses a manipulated crosswalk to demonstrate how a little orthodontic work can straighten up your pearly whites.

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Living Wall To Promote Natural Deodorant
Tuesday November 17th 2009, 12:56 pm
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Rexona Living Wall

I had to share this funny ad that I came across which seems to be using a living wall to promote a new women’s deodorant product from Rexona called Naturals. It’s probably fake leaves, I can’t tell for sure but either way, it’s funny how the idea of vertical greening is catching on even in the advertising world. The advertising agency was Lowe Ginkgo in Montevideo, Uruguay and came out in September 2009.

Rexona Women Naturals ad
images via adsoftheworld