Web Weaving

Sculptural work that often impresses me the most are those that use everyday, average materials that are not inherently beautiful. A good example is plain old scotch tape which is not typically seen as a sculptural material on its own however the character of the tape being clear, reflective and moldable lends well to building interesting shapes.

This video of a temporary installation I came across back in 2011 is stunning – the music, the way the sculpture is woven together, the lighting and shadows….

It’s like a beautiful web in a forgotten corner of the city.

Une Toile from Nemo Tral on Vimeo.

This next video is interesting because, unlike the pure beauty of the one above (although still beautiful, especially with the light), you get a better feel for how the sculpture is created in a more structural sense.

Toile-Expérience from Nemo Tral on Vimeo.