Look Up More

I have a horrible habit of not looking up but I suppose this is also something of a curse because of my profession, I’m generally paying more attention to what’s going on around me on the ground plane and perhaps a story or two above. A conversation once with a relative who is a building inspector brought up the point that far too often buildings take this into account and only put the detail on the ground level. So it’s not just me, it’s society. As a whole, we just don’t look up.

Over the years I’ve been trying to make it a habit to look up more and pay closer attention to what lies above me. I’ve discovered many interesting things. I even went back to my hometown and looked up only to realize that there was this whole world I had been completely unaware of for my entire growing-up life. What else have I missed?

This reminded me of a stunt my favorite public space shaker-uppers, Improv Everywhere, did many years ago back in 2005 New York City’s Union Square called “Look Up More.” It designed to express this exact point…check it out….