Lines in the Sand

San Fransisco-based artist Andres Amador paints, or rather rakes, beautiful lines into the sandy canvas of beaches in his California home city. In over the last 5 years he has managed to create over 100 pieces of tidal art. From a doodle he creates larger computer drawings to work out the details before launching into action with his rake. Since he must work according to the tides, his window of opportunity is limited so each design has to be carefully planned ahead of time.

Working with the constraints of the tides does make it challenging for crafting the pieces as well as allowing only for a short viewing time, but it is this temporary nature that makes them so exciting when a viewer is lucky enough to happen upon them. It’s a surprise, a discovery and a unique opportunity. It shows that beauty is everywhere, even if only for a small glimpse before disappearing.

For more work and behind-the-scenes coverage of his process, check out his website or instagram.
All images copyright Andres Amador Arts.