Metamorphos: Engage and Conquer

This sculpture titled, “Metamorphosis” by landscape artist Monika Gora lies in a public space in Linköping, Sweden. It’s shiny amorphous shape appears almost like it’s emerging from the ground metallic source hidden beneath the soil. It’s a static piece, but there’s an incredible sense of movement conveyed by the shape and material. What makes this sculpture even more fascinating is its mirror-like surface, reflecting the surrounding trees, sky, and even the visitors themselves. As if that’s not enough, it distorts everything around its curvy form, creating a captivating and ever-changing display.

But here’s the best part – this stainless steel wonder isn’t just for admiring from a distance. Nope! People are actually invited to interact with it. You can climb, slide, play, or do whatever else your creative heart desires. The steel is meant to bear the marks of human interaction, so don’t hold back – scratches and scuffs are not only okay, but they’re actually encouraged!

The video below, shot by the talented Daniel Persson and found on Monika Gora’s website, gives you a sneak peek of the fun and engagement this sculpture brings to its visitors.

All images via Monika Gora.