Vertical Green Art in Zurich Airport

The Zürich airport is one of my favorites in Europe and the international side is probably the nicest with sleek black leather seats, nice little cafes and exposed concrete beams. But the most intriguing and fun is that they use plants as their decor while perhaps even enlightening the weary traveler about vines from other climates such as Chile or Malaysia. Frosted glass keeps the plants themselves semi hidden so that it looks more like a sculpture.

This was my final time in the Zürich airport for the year 2008 since my husband and I were flying home with all of our posessions from the year. We had left very early from Germany to drive to Switzerland and were exhausted after a night of no sleeping in anticipation of our arrival back in the states and seeing our family for the first time in a year.

I bought some tasty swiss expresso and sipped it as I enjoyed the living art from my little cafe table before walking around to admire all the different species spread across the terminal.

There were several glass rooms, that spanned 3 stories in height, and contained vines from around the world and all self-contained so that the temperature could be maintained to that of the plants’ native climate.

But then strips of clear glass reveal the plants true identity.