Lemolo, Swansea

Lemolo is a beloved Seattle-based dream pop band lead by Megan Grandall. They have two successful full length albums under their belt and were working on their third, "Swansea." In Megan's word, " I wrote this record about various experiences I’ve had with loss – the loss of love, the ending of relationships, and the death of a friend. Swansea is my concept of a place – the place where we go when we lose someone. In the Swansea, we find ourselves faced with our own solitude and loneliness, but we also find strength in remembering how to stand on our own two feet."

Style Direction:

In this very personal album, there was a particular focus on water-based themes that we wanted to bring out in the albums photography, graphics and overall identity.

We sought to blend the more somber, emotional tone of the lyrics with Megan's love for bright colors through a contrast in wardrobe and posing with bright hues that would tie it all together.

Album Design: