Randa's Attic

Infusing artful warmth with modern sustainability


Randa's Attic

Randa's Attic is a mother-daughter owned business that sources unwanted furniture pieces - with a particular focus on midcentury modern - and restores them while adding a touch of modern, artistic flair to each piece. These additions are sometimes small but always offer a special personal touch whether it's through adding modern hardware, surprise color or pattern inside drawers, a more updated paint color or other artistic detail that could bring an older piece into today's market.

Style Direction:


The exploration of three style directions resulted in the selection of "Touch of Gold," a style geared towards an overall natural but modern feel with warmth and texture, inviting connections to wood and sustainability. The color palette builds upon a base of soft, neutral tones with a foundation of charcoal and cream. Touches of gold foil could be introduced in special moments through print products.

Other style options included "Black Tie," a black, white and bone palette with bold, weighty typefaces and distinct graphics while "Modern Pop," sought to infuse pops of color within classic, crisp black and white tones balanced with thinner typefaces.



Brand Identity:

The overall direction of the visual identity is warm, natural, textural and sustainable for a timeless style that will remain strong year after year. The sans serif typeface makes up the foundation, inspired by classic yet modern type seen throughout furniture and decor shops that their ideal client visits and feels familiar. It has been sculpted for a custom, signature-inspired identity that, like their furnishings, is one-of-a-kind.

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