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In Process is a portrait series currently in the works that explores and visualizes stories of personal fear. Working with subjects from around the world and from all walks of life, photographer Lisa S. Town creates story-based images that examine individual fears and the ripple effects—both positive and negative—these obstacles have on a life well-lived. Through a deeply collaborative process with her subjects to build and design each photograph, Lisa’s final images are testament to the power of looking these battles in the eye. Both heart-wrenching and inspiring, the final portraits are records of individual dialogues with fear, inviting us to hold these stories with care and sensitivity. For it is only when we exercise empathy for the experiences of others that we can truly come to a place of understanding and human connection.

“Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth.”


“In this day and age of selfies and showing only our ‘best selves’ publicly, we keep our struggles hidden and often forget that we are not alone. In creating a visualization of facing a fear, it can be therapeutic not only for the person involved, but for all those who see the image later. I hope this series will remind people that fear is a universal experience—one that binds us together just as it empowers and inspires.”

–Lisa S. Town




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